Spark your kids’ interest in STEM with these learning kits on sale today

Make science cool again.

Gone are the days when kids would play outside, prance around the playground, ride bikes, and do things kids used do. Many have their eyes glued on the TV or their tablets, too engrossed with whatever they’re playing or watching. And while there’s nothing particularly wrong with spending time with smart devices, their brains won’t be much stimulated if they have too much screen time. 

It may seem impossible to pry tablets from kids’ hands, but what you can do is give them something else they’d be interested in, ideally a toy that still has to do with technology. Case in point: the STEM Starter Bundle, on sale right now for 33 percent off its list price, comes with a Robotic Kit and a Curiosity Kit, both of which will keep their heads and minds busy. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for 33 percent off.

The Robotic Kit is a Lego-compatible STEM toy that designed to help develop kids’ natural creativity and curiosity with design and technology. Ideal for kids ages 5 to 8, playing with the kit helps grow creative confidence and transforms their artistic visions into fun projects. It even teaches them problem-solving and increases their attention span.

Meanwhile, the Curiosity Kit is a STEM starter kit engineered to teach children technological concepts of the 21st century. Robotics may seem too complex for them to understand now, but the kit helps to build interest in the field simply and safely using electronic building blocks and craft materials. At the very least, it’ll help them develop an analytical thinking perspective, improve their motor skills using constructive play, and transform passive learning into an active learning process.

These kits have earned numerous accolades, including Winner of the Bett Awards 2020, and Silver Winner of Play for Change Awards 2020 — so you know they’re good for children. Normally retailing for $119, you can get the bundle on sale for $79.99.

Prices subject to change.